Just a few steps away from your feels-like-new home.

  1. 01. PHONE CALL

    Get To Know Each Other

    Initial conversations about type of project, location and anything we might need to know to help both the homeowner and the contractor confirm how best to prepare if we decide to meet.

  2. 02. Initial Appointment

    Determine Project Complexity

    We’ll review the scope of work, challenges with the existing spaces and desired investment. During our time we’ll work together to pursue a feasibility study, where we produce plans, specifications, pricing and a renovation schedule.

  3. 03. Design Process

    Design & Define Possibilities

    Take measurements and collaborate with architects, designers and homeowners to create solutions to solve existing problems and address client wants and needs.


    Assess Project & Timeline

    After initial plans are created, we’ll schedule a follow-up appointment to review the project plans and specifications that you can use for decision making purposes. Once final plans are agreed upon, the final pricing stage will take place.

  5. 05. Pre-Construction Meeting

    Our Team is Ready To Work

    Here is where the fun begins. By now you will have picked out appliances, fixtures, and most of the finishing touches. Then in coordination with your project manager, the construction begins exactly according to designs, plans, and costs agreed upon.

  6. 06. Construction & Check-Ins

    Communication is Key

    During construction, you will have daily communication with your project manager, and the production manager will be performing an additional quality control walk once a week to make sure expectations are being met. You will also have access to our online system to track the entire project from start to finish.

  7. 07. Post-Construction

    Project Wrap Up & Review

    Lastly, when all construction is finished and your project is complete, we will have a final project review meeting. We cover in detail how everything went and what you enjoyed about working with the Bailey team. You will receive a packet that includes final pricing, lien releases, warranty information, details about your selection items.

We’ll keep the process simple, so you can focus on living.

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